The air, up here.

In between tunnels the scenery opens up and all of a sudden we are surrounded by  the Alps. It’s like being in a Lord of the Rings movie, I’ve lost track of all the lakes that I’ve seen; the peaks of mountains; the rivers crossed. 

The road is a snake going through the edge of the mountain. There’s a moment of fog and then we are over the clouds looking down at cows gracing calmly over the abyss. One thousand, one hundred meters of altitude.  

To the left we can see a small thin line of white coming down the mountainside, at first it takes me a while to recognize it but then  I can see what it is: a waterfall. Its height is astounding,  it feeds form the snow at the top. Below us we can see little units of white and brown down in the valley: ten more cows.  

Higher and higher. My ears begin to sense the altitude. Up we go, next to the ledge, feeling the vertigo. The clouds look as if they where coming out of the mountains themselves.

A group of mountain bikers pass us on the way down. We see them down below, hundreds of meters now, as the road crisscrosses through the mountain road.  We are above absolutely everything: above the sun itself;  above the thousand of rivers and the ice and the snow.  The side of the mountain gets steeper but the pine trees continue to grow up in perfect verticality, like needles attracted to a magnetic zone.

One thousand four hundred meters, not as high as Mexico City. But higher than the clouds: vapor formations resting quietly on the forest. It’s all white. And amazing. 

Up at the summit the air is crisp: a constant buzz. And the landscape changes so quickly that the mountains seem totally renewed every five minutes.  

There’s free Wifi, and a tourist shop, up at the top.​


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