Post-Summit reflections

The stories that we tell ourselves are always constructed relationally. This is why, when we come to engage with others, these change. In this process, we reinterpret our position with the wider world and open ourselves to new ideas about who we are.

It’s the third ROI Summit I’ve attended – the first in 2009, the second in 2010 – and I am still surprised by the range of geographical, ideological, cultural, religious and linguistic positions that are present at these encounters.

For me, the greatest shift was with my relationship to Poland. In my mind this country was a no-mans land, a void, a dark part of my family’s past. But during the summit I met Polish Jews living in Poland and committed to telling a story about life and vitality.  This made me realize that the most important value that ROI brings to the Jewish world is that of simultaneity.

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