An experiment in relational cartography

The same image can be found all over the world: an X and Y axis. A dot

This technology is everywhere. It has achieved a mythic quality. One only needs to take the cellphone out, wherever he or she may be, and (s)he will get past his or her feelings of disorientation and loss.  The impulse to use it betrays a need for stability, for clear boundaries and segmentations. For control.

How can we all cling to the same image in a world of ever-changing flows? What other visual metaphors –beyond maps– can we use to express our relationship to places?

This has been the underlying question of the last year, as I’ve unlocked 13 years of journals written all over the world and proceeded to categorize the contents by space of inscription. It has been a hard journey I’ve had to unravel memories and sort through my own experience of loss –but it has had its rewards.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 6.17.27 PM

What has come out is a website (a very simple, beta version) and a manuscript with a series of essays (both in Spanish) that seek to dislodge the idea of space as something fixed. A place is always a depository of memory pointing beyond itself.

(The project was part of my writing scholarship with the Mexican Art Fund).

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