What I have been up to.

This August, I received a year-long writing grant from Mexico’s Foundation for Culture and the Arts for a project called “Portable Identity”.

For the past 10 years I have been writing, every day, in notebooks of all kinds. I’ve written in subways, in airplanes, in houses, and in ferries. In New York, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Mexico City, and Havana. Standing up, sitting down and even upside down.

These 50+ notebooks have been in boxes, waiting, patiently, to come out.

The idea is to approach these objects as an archeologist approaches ruins. I am categorizing them using Evernote, geotagging them and using different categories based on the spaces where the inscription was made (bars, restaurants). The constellations that will come out will inform me on the type of road that I will take.

At the end of the year, I hope to publish the best journal entries in this domain (http://www.portable-identity.com), which should become an digital and urban labyrinth of inscriptions of my life.

I will also have series of essays that will speak about the process. Hopefully to be published in book form. The first one, which I am writing right now, is entitled “Geography and Intimacy”.

Hopefully something good will come up.

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