Just came back …

Just came back from the first class of “Managing the Media Mix” with Martin Maloney at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at NYU.

I have taken classes with urban planners at Wagner and with interactive designers at Tish. It’s interesting to see how the different schools at NYU privilege different linguistic resources over others. Some think numbers and graphs can be objective and they feel they carry strong symbolic weight. Others think that aesthetic qualities are more important or that criticism should be emphasized. 

It is  also interesting to note how each discipline conceives of themselves as different from the other ones. The people at Wagner differentiate themselves from the people at Stern in that, according to them, they serve the public interest. The people at Tisch differentiate themselves from the other schools in that, according to them, they are more creative.

I have yet to figure out what makes Graphic Communications Managament people tick.


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