I have to finish a book on Iranian blogs and a first draft of a paper on digital diasporas by today.  

Instead of doing this,  I am procrastinating on my blog.

The weekend was long an inconsequential, I have been stuck in my house reading. Now its Sunday, and I am spending precious hours in Bobst library. But, I am not the only one, in fact it’s packed… 

The thing with New York is that it makes you feel like you always need to be doing something productive. Everyone’s always in such a rush..its unbelievable. This is not a healthy aspect of the American society. All free time spent on seemingly “unproductive” activities, such as socializing and relaxing, is seen as a waste. There’s an incredible guilt tied to enjoying life. No wonder there are so many psychoanalists.

And yet, one needs to socialize and have fun in order to be more productive. The protestant ethics of work are pretty self-deprecating. 

Enough with this rambling, 

back to work. 

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